Reso Harp

A guitar with on-board tuneable String Reverb for creating dynamic soundscapes.

Analogue and digital processing is standard for producing now-familiar guitar effects. They are not often designed around physical manipulation. Rarer still to find an effect onboard a guitar that is fully tuneable.  

The Reso Harp's unique functionality is best described as a Resonance Effect. Thanks to sustainer technology from Sustainiac USA, the inbuilt Harp is encouraged to resonate with the guitar signal as the source.  The result is a blistering subterranean reverb, unlike anything you have heard before.  

You can tune the harp for a brooding accompaniment, a backdrop rich in harmonics, or dial in a major chord to be taken somewhere else. Enrich your rhythm with new depth, wrap your leads in atmospheric soundscapes, or pluck the strings directly for striking interludes.

-Two volume controls, one for each side of the central bridge
-3 way toggle: standard pickup selector for neck and bridge pickups
-Sustainer switch on/off
-Sustainer mode/drive control (push-pull, 4 modes in total)
-Jack 1: Guitar only
-Jack 2: Harp only
-Jack 3: Mix

The details
Timber: Typically we stock Queensland Maple, Tasmanian Blackwood and Alder
Finish: Clear lacquer
Pickups: 4x Lace Sensors
Tuners: Gotoh
Jacks: Switchcraft
Bridge: Schaller 3D-6
Sustainer by Sustainiac