Harmonic Isolator

An expressive harmonic instrument in the familiar form of a guitar.

Have you ever heard of the instrument inventor and musician Hans Reichel? The Harmonic Isolator is very much inspired by his work.  Hans built many beautiful harmonic guitars where certain frets were carefully positioned for the sake of encouraging harmonic resonance.  

The Harmonic Isolator takes this idea one step further, where all the frets correspond to notes in the harmonic series.  And it doesn't stop there – a sustainer pickup is fitted behind the bridge to further encourage resonance and create controllable feedback effects. 

-Two volume controls, one for each side of the central bridge
-Sustainer switch on/off
-Sustainer mode/drive control (push-pull, 4 modes in total)
-Jack 1: Guitar only
-Jack 2: Harmonic only
-Jack 3: Mix

The details
Timber: Typically we stock Queensland Maple, Tasmanian Blackwood and Alder
Finish: Clear lacquer
Pickups: 2x Lace Sensors
Tuners: Gotoh
Jacks: Switchcraft
Sustainer by Sustainiac